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Kristen Bell is one of those actresses who makes you feel like you're having a casual masked conversation with an old friend, even if you've never met her. On a Tuesday night in late March (at 6:15 p.m. Los Angeles time), I had the pleasure of chatting with the Bell -- actor, producer, and CBD skin-care entrepreneur -- about everything from her upcoming Netflix miniseries (a dark comedy-thriller set in the house Bell shares with husband Dax Shepard) to her caramel-colored bang hairpiece.

But beneath her sprightly superficial version lies an unmistakably chipper Anna, who acknowledges that while she's living her luckiest life and has access to a swimming pool during the worst global pandemic in recent history, she's still experiencing low moments. "If you complain about anything right now, you're allowed to," Bell tells me. "You're allowed."

Despite being a perfectly cute super-celebrity known for roles like Veronica Mars, Sarah Marshall and Gossip Girl, Bell isn't afraid to get real about the struggles of being human. And when it comes to relationships, she admits that present perfection only entered with Shepard, whom she fell deeply in love with on their cross-country road trip nearly a decade ago. Fellow Detroit native Shepard was once considered prototypical bad boy and punk'd prankster whose past days-long benders blew up his relationships. But he's since become a man who's forced to credit Bell for helping him change his ways.

Kristen Bell's Early Life and Family Background

Kristen Bell was born on July 18, 1980, in Huntington Woods, Michigan. Her mother is a registered nurse and her father Tom Bell works as a television news director. Kristen's parents divorced when she was two years old. She is of Polish descent and has German, Scottish, and Irish ancestry.

Growing up in the public school system of nearby Royal Oak, Kristen attended Shrine Catholic High School where she became involved in the school's music club. After attending Burton Elementary School and Norup Middle School, she went to Norup International School which is part of the Berkley School District. In 1995, Bell landed her first professional role as Dorothy Gale in a local theater production of The Wizard of Oz. She also starred as Lady Macbeth in a high school production of Macbeth and received praise for her performance.

In 1996, Kristen graduated from high school where she won the senior class vote for "Best Looking" but it wasn't until after high school graduation that Bell moved to New York City to attend Tisch School of the Arts studying musical theater. However, during her senior year at Tisch, Bell left to take on her first Broadway role as Becky Thatcher in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Despite only having a few credits to her name at that point, Bell stated that landing the lead role was "serendipitous".

1. 1992–2003: Early work[edit]

From 1992, Bell began her journey in acting by starring in a local production of "Raggedy Ann." This led to her appearing in television commercials and uncredited roles until she eventually won the role of Becky Thatcher in the short-lived Broadway musical "Tom Sawyer" while attending New York University. In 2001, Bell left school to pursue her career further and landed her first credited film debut in "Pootie Tang," where her scene was shown during the credit sequence additionally.

In 2003, Bell appeared as a special guest on various television shows, including auditions for the Norm Macdonald series. She gained a recurring role on the television series "The Shield" season 2 episode 1 on January 7, playing Jessica Hintel's daughter Jessica. It took five years for Bell to make it big but that didn't stop her from finding trouble gaining more work.

2. 2004–2006: Veronica Mars and other roles[edit]

From 2004 to 2006, Kristen Bell earned acclaim for her starring role in the UPN noir drama series Veronica Mars. In the show, she played the title character - a seventeen-year-old anti-establishment high school student turned private detective. The series earned critical acclaim and awards, including a Saturn Award and a TCA Award for Individual Achievement. Critics asserted that Bell deserved consideration for a Primetime Emmy Award.

During this time period, Bell also appeared in other projects such as theatrically released film Spartan, where she played Laura Newton - the kidnapped daughter of the President acting alongside Val Kilmer. She also had a two-episode story arc on HBO period drama series Deadwood as well as starring in Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical reprising her role from the short-lived 2001 off-Broadway musical of the same name. Additionally, she starred in horror film Roman and lead Mattie in the Japanese horror film Kairo (Pulse), which garnered negative response from critics like Frank Scheck of The Hollywood Reporter who commented on Bell's "starring presence" but lack of "interesting material."

3. 2007–2011: Film breakthrough and Gossip Girl[edit]

From 2007 to 2011, Kristen Bell had a major breakthrough in her acting career. In January 19, 2007, CW Entertainment President Dawn Ostroff announced the newly created reality series Pussycat Dolls Present and Veronica Mars continued to show gradual improvement during the February sweeps. On May 17, 2007, Ostroff announced that the show would return for a third season with an increased budget. However, on June 11, creator Thomas officially announced Veronica Mars's cancellation. Despite this setback, Bell voiced interest in continuing the series as a feature film or comic book series continuation.

In July 29, 2007 during a train ride back from Comic-Con to Los Angeles, Bell got a call from Heroes creator Tim Kring offering her a role in the show because of her ability to do comedy as well as drama. She appeared on twelve episodes between October 2007 and April 2008 as Elle Bishop, a mysterious young lady with awesome power. During this small window of time, Bell also appeared as the title character in CW series Gossip Girl and surprised fans with a cameo appearance in the final episode portraying Veronica Mars again. Additionally, she landed starring roles in Judd Apatow comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Mark Steven Johnson-written Disney film When in Rome which were both released theatrically in April of their respective years (2008 and 2010).

4. 2012–2019: Frozen and The Good Place[edit]

From 2012 to 2019, Kristen Bell starred in a variety of projects across different platforms. In 2012, Bell portrayed Jeannie Van Der Hooven, the female lead in the Showtime comedy series House of Lies. The series ended in June 2016, and Bell appeared in a supporting role in the science-fiction comedy Safety Not Guaranteed that same year. She also starred in the drama film The Lifeguard, which was written by her husband Dax Shepard and began filming in July 2012 until its release theatrically in August 2013. In November 22, 2013, she voiced Anna for multiple episodes of Frozen and played Ingrid de Forest, an Eagleton City Councilwoman on Parks and Recreation. Her long-awaited Veronica Mars film finally came to fruition when series creator Rob Thomas launched a fundraising campaign that raised $5.7 million within ten hours to fund feature film production during summer of 2013 that was released theatrically on March 14, 2014.

Bell starred with her husband Dax Shepard for a Samsung Galaxy Tab commercial that received over 20 million YouTube views during the holiday season as part of an ad campaign by McKinney ad agency. In animation films, she voiced Sloth Priscilla for the animated comedy film Zootopia (2016) and Jade Wilson for a Netflix comedy-drama film (2018). In November 22, 2019 Bell served as executive producer for a new video game Kingdom Hearts III and made her directorial debut directing the eighth episode of the fourth season of The Good Place which concluded it's four-season airing with its final episode on January 2020 where she received recognition at the 25th Critics' Choice Awards which recognizes women who push boundaries and changing stereotypes with authentic portrayals in entertainment landscape.

5. 2020–present[edit]

2020 bell voiced Molly Tillerman, a biracial character on the animated series "Central Park" alongside her "Frozen" co-star Josh Gad. She also starred in and produced the Amazon Prime Video animated musical pre-school series "Do, Re & Mi," where she voiced the titular character. In addition, Bell made headlines for her involvement in the Purple People movement, which aims to bridge political divides and bring people together through civil discourse.

In 2021, Bell produced and starred in the comedy film "Queenpins," which tells the true story of a multi-million dollar coupon scam. She also joined the cast of HBO Max's teen drama series "Gossip Girl" for its soft reboot, where she starred alongside Kirby Howell-Baptiste. Additionally, Bell made a guest appearance on the Tiny Chef Show in September 10, 2021 and will appear in two episodes of Benjamin Hart's upcoming podcast series "The Line" set to debut on January 28, 2022.

Discover the Enticing World of "House of Lies" and "Frozen"

Kristen Bell is a versatile actress who has made her mark in both television and film. In 2016, Bell starred in the hit Showtime series, "House of Lies." The series focused on the morally questionable actions of management consultants, with Bell's character Jeannie Van Der Hooven involved professionally as well as personally. She played the ringleader alongside Don Cheadle, and the show was a resounding success.

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In addition to her work on television, Kristen Bell also had a memorable role in the hugely popular Disney film, "Frozen." The actress featured prominently as Anna, a spunky princess who helps hunt for her tormented older sister Elsa (Idina Menzel). The film fueled a craze that saw it become a global box office phenomenon. With "Frozen 2" scheduled for its November 2019 opening weekend, fans are eagerly anticipating another huge splash at theaters.

Kristen Bell has proven herself to be an accomplished actress who can excel in both serious drama and family-friendly fare. Her work on "House of Lies" showed she can handle complex characters with ease while her role in "Frozen" proved she could bring heart and humor to any project. Keep an eye out for what this talented performer has in store next!

Discovering the Buzz: Latest Stories in the Media World

Kristen Bell has been making headlines since 2006, when she was ranked 59 on Maxim's Hot 100 List. However, it was her role as the title character on Veronica Mars that really put her on the map. The show was cancelled after just three seasons, but Bell single-handedly saved it by funding a Kickstarter campaign to create a movie in 2013. Bell stated that she loves nerds and comic-con junkies, which is why she turned Vanessa Juarez into a star on her web series Momsplaining.

Bell's previously perceived pretty girl image was shattered when she admitted her love for nerds and geekiness. In Wizard Magazine's fourth-sexiest woman list reflecting this new image, Bell explained that she doesn't feel like a stick figure anymore. She said that she can act 10 years younger and embrace her nerdiness because of how magical happened to her career.

In addition to being a star in Veronica Mars and Heroes, Bell is also known for her recurring guest appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Her humorous hostility towards cut Peterson appeared in several episodes filmed between January 2011 and April 2019. More recently, in November 2019, Bell teamed up with actress Idina Menzel to play sisters in Frozen II. She also partnered with snack bar company This Saves Lives to feed malnourished children around the world while simultaneously saving lives! With all these impressive accomplishments under her belt, it comes as no surprise that Kristen Bell has earned celebrity status both within Hollywood and beyond - even fans yell "Hey Lauren Conrad!" at poor Lauren Conrad due to their resemblance!

1. Relationships and family[edit]

Relationships and family are important aspects of Kristen Bell's life. In 2007, Bell ended her five-year relationship with producer Kevin Mann. She told Complex magazine that she is a "serial monogamist" and that dating makes her very uncomfortable.

In late 2007, Bell began dating actor Dax Shepard. The couple announced their engagement in January 2010 but decided to delay marriage until California passed legislation legalizing same-sex marriage. In the meantime, they had two children together, and in October 16, 2013, they finally tied the knot. Bell asked Shepard to marry her after the Defense of Marriage Act was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on June 26, 2013.

Bell is known for her work on many films such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), which helped launch her career as a leading actress. She also starred in the hit 2012 film Hit and Run with Shepard and appeared in the 2017 film Chips. Section three of this article explores how relationships have impacted Bell's life and how she has built a strong family unit with Shepard and their daughters born throughout their long-term relationship.

2. Beliefs, interests, and charity work[edit]

Beliefs, Interests, and Charity Work of Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is not just a talented actress but also an animal lover who has been associated with various non-profit organizations dedicated to protecting animals. She has fostered animals for the Michigan Humane Society and worked with San Diego-based Helen Woodward Animal Center. Bell attends fundraisers and shows her support for PETA. She also starred in the documentary Forks Over Knives, where she talked about her hard time disassociating from eating dairy products.

Apart from being an animal lover, Bell is also a supporter of various social causes. She showed support for the Writers Guild's writers strike by appearing on picket lines in December 2007. Bell supported Barack Obama during the 2008 United States presidential election and even visited college campuses alongside Rashida Jones to encourage voter registration. In 2014, she launched a Prizeo campaign offering fans a chance to win a date with her to raise funds for Invisible Children. Recently, in February 2019, her business "This Bar Saves Lives" donated 10 million nutrition packets to fight malnutrition in Haiti, South Sudan, and Ethiopia. Her actions resulted in winning the 2020 Webby Special Achievement Award. In the future, she plans on taking up Brazilian jiu-jitsu mother-daughter classes alongside Cesalina Gracie in 2023.

Kristen Bell is not only an accomplished actress but also someone who uses her platform to make a difference in the world. Her beliefs and interests have led her towards charity work that has helped many people and animals alike. It's no wonder why so many people admire her work ethic and dedication towards making this world a better place.

3. Mental health[edit]

In 2016, Bell stated that she had received treatment for her anxiety and depression. She spoke openly about her struggles in hopes of helping others going through a similar situation. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Bell discussed how she wears scuba gloves when washing dishes because she is afraid of touching things and getting water-immersed wrinkled fingers (also known as pruney fingers). This fear may seem trivial to some, but it highlights the impact mental health can have on daily life.

In August 2018, Bell discussed the importance of seeking help for mental health issues and breaking the stigma surrounding it. She emphasized the need to treat mental health like physical health and seek professional help when needed. Bell's honesty and vulnerability have made her a relatable figure to many who struggle with their own mental health battles. Her willingness to speak out about her experiences has opened up important conversations about the need for greater understanding and support for those dealing with mental illness.

4. Entrepreneurship[edit]

Kristen Bell, known for her acting skills in movies such as Frozen and The Good Place, is also an entrepreneur. In 2019, Bell and her husband founded Hello Bello, a company that markets plant-based baby care products. Their products are not only environmentally friendly but also affordable compared to other brands in the market.

Hello Bello has grown rapidly since its inception, employing 104 employees as of 2021. But that's not all; the company has expanded its product line to include vegan CBD products, eye cream, and hand moisturizers. With such a successful venture, it's no wonder why Kristen Bell can't help but start a happy dance every time she thinks about it!

Dax Shepard: A Loving Father to His Beautiful Children

Kristen Bell began her romantic relationship with fellow actor Dax Shepard in 2007. After six years of dating, the pair announced their engagement in January 2010. Later, in October 2013, they tied the knot and officially became husband and wife. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Lincoln Bell Shepard, in March 2013. Then, in December 2014, they added another little girl to their family when daughter Delta Bell Shepard was born.

Throughout their journey as parents, Kristen and Dax have always put their children first. In February 2019, the couple announced that they were launching a plant-based baby product line called Hello Bello. The brand aims to offer affordable and eco-friendly options for families everywhere. It's clear that Dax Shepard is not just a talented actor but also a devoted father who wants to provide his children with the best possible life.

'American Dreams,' 'Everwood,' 'Spartan,' 'Deadwood'

In 2004, Kristen Bell's career started with a guest role on the hard-hitting crime show "American Dreams." She immediately landed a recurring role as a gang member in the TV show "Veronica Mars," which ran for 64 episodes and developed a rabid cult following. From there, she went on to star in TV movies and even snagged a lead role in the Broadway production of "The Crucible" alongside Laura Linney and Liam Neeson.

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But it wasn't just her talent that caught Hollywood's attention. In 2004, Bell was also cast in the hit TV show "Everwood" and the critically acclaimed series "Deadwood." Her performances as a teenager struggling with family issues and a prostitute respectively showcased her range as an actress and solidified her status as one of Los Angeles' rising stars. It's no wonder that Bell has continued to be a force in entertainment today.

Meet the Talented Actress Kristen Bell

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Born in 1980, Kristen Bell studied musical theater at New York University before making her Broadway debut. In 2004, Bell landed her breakout role as the title character in the TV series Veronica Mars. She went on to star in films such as Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Couples Retreat, and provided the leading voice role in Disney megahit Frozen. Bell also had a recurring role on the series House and currently stars in the hit show The Good Place. Her versatility and talent have made her one of Hollywood's most sought-after actresses.

'Forgetting Sarah Marshall,' 'Couples Retreat'

Kristen Bell had a banner year in 2008 when her hit movie "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" hit theaters to major box-office success. In the romantic comedy, Bell played the title role of Sarah Marshall and her performance earned rave reviews from critics and fans alike. She followed that up with fan favorite "Fan Boys" in 2009, as well as a small but well-received comedy "Couples Retreat" in 2009 co-starring Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, and Kristin Davis. Bell also did voiceover work for the family film "Astro Boy" that same year. A 2010 sequel to "Sarah Marshall" was also announced, proving that Kristen Bell was here to stay in Hollywood.

Discover the Hottest Shows: Gossip Girl Heroes!

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Gossip Girl and Heroes are two of the hottest shows that Kristen Bell has been a part of. Despite keeping busy with various films, Bell managed to find television success with these hit shows. She first gained recognition for her narration duties on the year Veronica Mars premiered, and later went on to become a fan favorite in both Gossip Girl and Heroes.

The Beginnings of a Career: Tracing Early Years

Born on July 19, 1980, in Huntington Woods, Michigan, Kristen Bell was raised in the Detroit suburbs. At an early age, she showed an interest in acting and performing. By age 13, Bell had already begun appearing in commercials and TV spots. She attended Shrine Catholic High School in Royal Oak, Michigan, where she played Dorothy in a school production of The Wizard of Oz. In high school, Bell studied musical theater and went on to make her Broadway debut in the musical version of Tom Sawyer off-Broadway. Her first lead role was as Mary Lane in the legendary 1930s film Reefer Madness called Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical.

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Bell's film debut was an uncredited spot in the indie film Polish Wedding. From there, she went on to land roles in various TV shows and films – most notably Veronica Mars and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. But it all started with her early years spent honing her craft and getting her foot in the door through commercials and small roles. Today, Kristen Bell is a household name thanks to her talent and hard work from an early age.

'The Boss,' 'Bad Moms,' 'The Good Place'

Kristen Bell is a versatile actress who has made her mark on both the big and small screen. In April 2016, Bell played the straight woman to Melissa McCarthy's over-the-top character in "The Boss," a big-screen comedy that showcased her comedic timing. She followed that up with "Bad Moms" opposite Mila Kunis, which was a box office hit and led to a 2017 sequel.

But Bell's range doesn't just include comedy; she has also tackled dramatic roles in films like "The Disaster Artist" (2017), "CHiPs" (2017), and "How to Be a Latin Lover" (2017). In 2018, she took on the lead role in "Like Father," playing an estranged daughter who reconnects with her father on a cruise. The film showcased Bell's ability to handle emotional material as well as humor.

On the small screen, Bell garnered critical acclaim for her lead role in "The Good Place," opposite Ted Danson. The afterlife-themed sitcom drew favorable reviews, with Bell garnering a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. The show ended its run in late 2018 after four seasons, cementing Bell as one of the most talented actresses working today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kristen Bell's emotional regulation strategy?

Kristen Bell practices mindfulness and meditation as her emotional regulation strategy, which helps her stay present in the moment and manage her emotions in a healthy way.

Are Bell and Shepard raising antiracist kids in Hollywood?

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are actively raising their children to be antiracist by teaching them about social justice issues and exposing them to diverse cultures.

Are Kristen Bell and husband Dax Shepard divorced?

No, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are not divorced. As of June 2021, they are still married and have been together since 2007.

Who is Kristen Bell's husband?

Kristen Bell's husband is Dax Shepard, an American actor, writer, and director known for his roles in movies such as "Without a Paddle" and TV shows like "Parenthood".

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