You Are What You Eat, So Be a Snack: 16 Best Pre-Workout Snacks

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Posted Feb 27, 2023

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Eating the right snacks before a workout can make all the difference in your performance. With so many options out there, it's important to choose wisely. That's why we've compiled a list of 11 pre-workout snacks that are sure to give you the energy you need to power through your workout.

When it comes to snacking, ensuring quality is key. Vet brands and ingredients carefully to make sure you're getting the most out of your pre-workout fuel. From protein-packed smoothies to carb-heavy energy bars, these snacks will help you maximize your workout and achieve your fitness goals. So grab a snack and let's get moving!

Ensuring Quality: Our Process to Vet Brands and Products

When it comes to pre-workout snacks, there are countless options available that claim to boost energy and performance. However, not all products are created equal. That's why we take our responsibility seriously by evaluating ingredients and health claims before recommending any pre-workout snack. As a result, you can trust that the products we endorse are backed by scientific evidence and safe for your current body.

At gym time, having a pre-workout snack is an important meal to fuel your body properly. But with so many choices out there, it's easy to get lost in the sea of cereal mascots and flashy packaging. That's where our team of experts comes in. We've tapped sports dietitian and exercise physiologist Bob Seebohar MS RDN CSSD CSCS to help us evaluate each product and ensure that it meets our standards for quality and nutrition.

In addition, we've rounded up 16 ideas for pre-workout eats that range from breakfast-y options to high protein muscle-building snacks. So let's dive in together and find the perfect pre-workout snack for you!

Best pre-workout snacks for 30 minutes before your workout

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When it comes to fueling your body before a workout, timing is key. Eating a full meal within 60 minutes of your workout can leave you feeling sluggish and uncomfortable. Instead, opt for small, balanced snacks that won't sit heavy in your stomach but will provide the energy you need for a full 45 to 60 minutes of exercise. Some great options include a banana with almond butter, Greek yogurt with berries, or a handful of trail mix with nuts and dried fruit.

Fuel Your Workouts Right: These Snacks Help You Shed Pounds!

When trying to lose weight, pre-workout snacks can be a game-changer. A protein-rich snack like Greek yogurt or a handful of almonds can give you the energy you need to power through your workout while still keeping your calorie intake fairly low. By choosing the right pre-workout snack, you'll not only improve your performance during exercise but also maximize the weight loss you'll see from your efforts.

Delicious Snacks Perfect for Your Keto Pre-Workout Routine

Keto snacks are the perfect way to fuel your body before a workout. Try whipping up a tasty fat bomb, like almond butter and coconut oil, or grab some hard-boiled eggs for a protein-packed snack with minimal carbs. Other great options include avocado slices, cheese cubes, or celery sticks with peanut butter. These snacks will give you the energy you need to power through your workout without compromising your keto lifestyle.

Eating for Optimal Workout Performance: Timing is Key

When it comes to eating for optimal workout performance, timing is key. The right gym smartly timed snacks can help build muscle and burn fat, promoting muscle growth. Research suggests that general timing tips include eating a high protein snack 60 minutes before a workout and a post-workout high protein snack within 30 minutes after the workout.

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Hour Seebohar, CSSD certified specialist in sports dietetics, suggests grabbing a protein-rich snack like a hard-boiled egg or Greek yogurt with fruit about an hour before your workout. For long endurance activity like a half marathon or marathon, you're gonna want to start upping your carb intake at least 48 hours before the event begins.

It's also a good idea to get tailored advice from a CSSD certified specialist in sports dietetics for specific recommendations based on your personal needs and goals. By following these guidelines and fueling your body with the right nutrients at the right times, you can optimize your workouts and achieve better results.

Best pre-workout snacks for muscle gain

Choosing the right pre-workout snack can make all the difference when it comes to achieving optimal muscle growth. These snacks deliver a quick dose of energy and nutrients that your muscles need to perform at their best during your workout. Some great options include bananas, Greek yogurt with berries, or a protein shake made with whey protein powder and almond milk. By fueling up with the right snacks before hitting the gym, you can ensure that you're giving your body what it needs to build muscle effectively.

Fuel Up Your Body: Best Foods to Eat Before Exercising

Planning to hit the gym? It's time to fuel up your body with a pre-workout snack! The key is to strike a nice balance ideally consisting of carbs, fat, and protein. Carbs break down into energy called glucose that fuels your workout. For good carb sources, pre-workout noshing include whole-grain crackers half or a sweet potato yogurt fruit. Whole-grain toast with some nut butter can also be an excellent option.

Protein is essential for building muscle tissue. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and support muscle growth and recovery. So, it's crucial to include good pre-workout protein sources such as greek yogurt, protein powder, egg whites, nuts, seeds, or leftover grilled chicken from last night's dinner. Including dietary fat in your pre-workout carb good fat sources include avocado, egg yolks, nuts, seeds, nut butter and full-fat dairy like cottage cheese can help keep you feeling fuller for longer while providing the energy needed for an intense workout.

Remember that eating too much before exercise can cause discomfort during exercise. Ideally, aim to eat at least 30 minutes before exercising so your body has enough time to digest food properly. With these ideas in mind and by experimenting with different combinations of foods that work best for you before you hit the gym will help ensure you are fueling your body correctly for optimal performance.

Fuel up fast with delicious on-the-go pre-workout snacks

Fueling up before a workout is crucial for optimal performance, but sometimes we don't have enough time to sit down and eat a full meal. That's why on-the-go pre-workout snacks are perfect for those who are always on the move. Whether you prefer something sweet or savory, there are plenty of delicious options to choose from that will give you the energy you need to power through your workout. From protein bars and smoothies to nuts and fruit, these 11 pre-workout snacks will leave you feeling satisfied and energized.

Get Energized with These Outstanding Pre-Workout Snacks

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If you're looking for a way to boost your energy before hitting the gym, then look no further than these amazing pre-workout snacks. These carb-rich snacks provide easy-to-digest carbs that will give you the energy you need to power through your workout. Whether you prefer something sweet or savory, there's a snack on this list that's perfect for you. So why wait? Grab one of these snacks and get ready to crush your workout!

1. Hard-boiled egg and avo toast

One of the classic combos that we are big fans of is avocado toast and a hard-boiled egg. It's perfect for those with a heartier appetite looking for a pre-workout version of this delicious meal. For an added protein boost, swap out the hard-boiled egg for a fried egg to take it up a notch.

This snack is a great option for those early morning runs or gym sessions where you need something quick and easy to fuel your body. The creamy avocado spread on top of whole grain toast provides healthy fats and fiber while the egg offers quality protein to keep you satisfied throughout your workout. Give it a try and see how it helps power you through your next sweat session!

Best low calorie pre-workout snacks

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If you're looking for a quick and easy pre-workout snack that won't weigh you down, there are plenty of options out there. From a big chunk of watermelon to a handful of almonds, there are plenty of low calorie pre-workout snacks that will give you the energy boost you need without leaving too many calories left in the bank. So next time you're looking for something to eat before hitting the gym or going for a run, try one of these tasty and nutritious options.

1. Whole orange smoothie

If you're tired of sipping on sugar-packed juice before your workout, it's time to try the real deal: a whole-orange smoothie. This nutritious and refreshing drink is made with only whole oranges, ice, and water, making it a healthier alternative to store-bought juices. Plus, the natural sugars in the oranges will give you the energy boost you need to power through your workout.

For an added protein boost, you can also add a scoop of your favorite protein powder to the mix. Nutritionist Bob Seebohar likes Thorne Research protein powder because it's made with high-quality ingredients and contains no artificial sweeteners or additives. But if you're looking for a more natural option, there are plenty of foods that are high in protein and can be blended into your smoothie for added nutrition. Some examples include Greek yogurt, nuts and seeds, and nut butter. So next time you're feeling whole-orange smoothie confused, remember that this simple yet powerful drink can be customized to meet all of your pre-workout needs.

2. Protein-packed cauliflower hummus and carrots

If you're looking for a classic snack that works perfectly fine as a pre-workout fuel, look no further than hummus and carrots. But instead of grabbing a prepackaged hummus, why not try something different? A blogger makes a homemade version with a cauliflower base making it protein-packed and low-carb compared to the regular chickpea-based stuff. This Mediterranean dip pairs perfectly with baby carrots for an easy and nutritious snack.

Feel free to switch up the veggies if you prefer something else, but this combo of protein-packed cauliflower hummus and baby carrots is sure to satisfy your cravings and give you the energy you need for your workout. Plus, making your own hummus allows you to control the ingredients and customize it to your liking. So give this twist on a classic snack a try next time you need some pre-workout fuel!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is best to eat pre and post workout?

The best pre-workout meal should include complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and sweet potatoes, paired with protein sources like chicken and fish. Post-workout, aim for a combination of easily digestible protein and carbohydrates such as a smoothie with whey protein and fruit or a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread.

What is the best snack before workout?

A snack high in carbohydrates and low in fat and fiber is best before a workout. Examples include a banana or a handful of pretzels.

What are some good foods to eat before a workout?

Some good foods to eat before a workout include bananas, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, and whole grain toast with peanut butter. These options provide the necessary carbohydrates and protein to fuel your workout and improve performance.

What is a good snack for 60 minutes of exercise?

A good snack for 60 minutes of exercise is one that provides energy and sustains you throughout your workout. Some options include a banana, apple slices with peanut butter, or a protein bar.

What are the best pre-workout snacks?

Some good pre-workout snacks include bananas, Greek yogurt with berries, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread. These snacks provide the necessary energy and nutrients to power through a workout without feeling weighed down.

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